Symbolic Wedding Ceremony on the Amalfi Coast

Make your big day unique and unforgettable! Choosing a symbolic ceremony gives you the freedom to have your bespoke wedding in the place of your dreams. Experience with your loved ones impressive moments in peaceful surroundings of the Amalfi Coast.

Symbolic wedding Amalfi Coast

What is a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony?

A symbolic wedding is a very personal choice.
It is a romantic and intimate rite that totally expresses your personality and your values.

Symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding, therefore couples do not need to provide the legal documentation required for a religious or civil marriage. 

Symbolic ceremonies Positano

How Does a Symbolic Ceremony Work and How Long Does it Take?

Symbolic ceremony is performed by a celebrant, who can be a Pastor, a family member or whoever you prefer.

It can be completely tailored to your wishes and personalized with readings from your friends, flower arrangements, favorite songs, vows, poetry and any personal touches you want, as you have complete freedom to give the ceremony a traditional, formal or creative and informal atmosphere.

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Where to Celebrate a Symbolic Wedding on the Amalfi Coast?

Symbolic ceremonies can be held on stunning sea view terraces, secluded beaches, romantic gardens and plenty of beautiful venues along the Amalfi Coast.


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