Protestant Wedding Ceremony on the Amalfi Coast

A protestant wedding ceremony can be held in charming churches and in wonderful private villas, lush gardens surrounded by the sea or on a beach. Choose the perfect place for the celebration!

Protestant ceremony Amalfi Coast

Where to Get Married with a Protestant Ceremony?

Protestant Ceremonies can be held in private venues, outdoors or indoors, such as enchanting villas, stunning terraces overlooking the sea, romantic gardens, medieval towers and in some beautiful Catholic churches that allow the Protestant rite.

Venues for protestant ceremonies Ravello

What Happens in a Protestant Wedding?

Protestant ceremonies are performed in Italian by a minister or Pastor and are translated in English by an English speaking Interpreter.

Protestant ceremonies can be personalized by choosing favorite Scripture readings, exchanging personal vows, adding the rite of the Unity Candle and music.

Protestant wedding Amalfi Coast

How Do you Get Legally Married with a Protestant Ceremony?

Protestant ceremony can either be a religious blessing for couples who have already married in their home country, or be legally binding, upon providing civil paperwork depending on the couple’s Citizenship.


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