Catholic Wedding Ceremony on the Amalfi Coast

Where is the best place to pronounce the magical "yes, I do"? The Amalfi Coast is full of historical churches and imposing Cathedrals, each with its own importance. Follow our complete guide to a Catholic wedding ceremony in Southern Italy. 

Catholic wedding ceremony Amalfi

What are the Most Popular Churches for Weddings on the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast offers a wide selection of charming catholic churches located in breathtaking positions, from intimate chapels to imposing Cathedrals, which have historic and artistic Italian heritage.

A few examples are: the Duomo of St. Andrews in Amalfi, the Cathedral of Ravello, the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena in Atrani, the Church of San Luca in Praiano and the Church of San Pancrazio in Conca dei Marini.

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What Happens at a Catholic Wedding Ceremony and How Long is the Rite?

Catholic ceremony is performed in English by an English speaking priest and the service lasts just over an hour.

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What are the Requirements for Catholic Weddings in Italy?

Religious paperwork, translated in Italian, must be sent to the Italian diocese no later than two months prior to the wedding day, but not earlier than six months, otherwise it will expire.

Fairy Tale Amalfi Coast Weddings will assist you throughout this process, to make sure that all formalities are correctly handled.

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What Should I Know Before I Get Married in a Catholic Curch?

If the bride and/or groom have previously been divorced and the prior marriage has not been officially annulled, the wedding cannot take place in a Catholic church.

Catholic marriage can be legally binding upon request. In this case, bride and groom have to provide Fairy Tale Amalfi Coast Weddings with civil paperwork, depending on their respective Citizenship.

Interfaith marriages, traditionally called mixed religion marriages, require the approval of the Bishop of the couples’ parish. 

Catholic wedding songs

What Kind of Music can We Use in a Catholic Wedding?

Sacred music only is allowed.

Any wedding songs must be approved by the priest or music director of the church.


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